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We offer a range of one-to-one courses in rock, pop, latin and jazz drumming, composition and arranging. One-off drum taster lessons and courses for birthdays or gifts are also available. Further details and costings for all courses are shown in the table below. Contact us on 0131 665 1465 or email to make a booking or for further information. Gift vouchers are available for all courses and one-to-one lessons.

Course name Description Cost
Drum Present Many people would love to just have a bash on the drums. This 1 hour lesson lets you learn the basics and have a thrash along to some of your favourite music. £35
Drum Taster A 2 hour course for budding drummers wanting to try out the instrument before committing to a purchase. Course syllabus includes fundamental beats, choosing a kit and practise technique. The course can be split into two sessions. £58
Drums for the non-Drummer A 3 hour course designed specifically for other instrumentalists and programmers to improve their rhythmic awareness as well as learn drum basics. This course is typically run in 3 one hour blocks. £87
Rock and Pop A 6 hour course covering the beats and fills that form the foundation of contemporary popular music. This course can be spread over 6 sessions. This course is aimed at both drummers and programmers. £174
Spicing up drum parts A 6 hour course on how to easily add colour and flavour for more musical drum tracks. This course is spread over 6 sessions. This course is aimed at both drummers and programmers. £174
Brazilian rhythms for the drumset A 6 hour course introducing and applying the most popular styles from Brazil including bossa nova, samba, frevo and baiao. This course can be split into 6 one hour sessions. £174
Afro-Cuban rhythms for the drumset This 6 hour course introduces the clave and cascara and helps you play popular salsa styles on the drum-kit. £174
Jazz From bebop to hip-hop, this 6 hour course introduces you to the rhythms and language of improvisation and accompaniment on the drums. £174
Rhythm section workout A 2 hour session for any member of a rhythm section. Includes communication, time-keeping and roles. £58
Playing with a rhythm section Your chance to play a 2 hour session with a professional rhythm section either as a vocalist or soloist. £174

Courses take place in the purpose-built drum room in Musselburgh, East Lothian. This is within easy reach of central Edinburgh by train, bus or car.

To book a course or to find out more information please email or call 0131 665 1465 or 07932 365 926.